Our merchandise is available for purchase during our speaker series evenings, during the workshops, and at the ASA table at various events. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing merchandise or track us down at one of our various events. Also check out our publications available for purchase.

ASA Zippered Folio—SOLD OUT



Carry around your notes in style with this stylish zippered folio. It comes pre-loaded with a pack of paper and there is a pocket for your handy copy of Record in Stone: Familiar Projectile Points from Alberta ($10—not included with purchase of the zippered folio).

Chocolate Projectile Points—$2 each


Who knew lithics could be so tasty? Some of our customers have even commented that they are de-lithic. They come in two point styles—Alberta and Clovis—and are made of either milk or dark chocolate according to your preference. The pocketknife, pen, and pocket loupe in the image provided above are to provide scale for these hefty and delicious archaeological reproductions.

Projectile Point Bandanas—$8


These are an exciting new addition to our inventory. Carry them into the field or the lab and you will have a handy reference guide for common projectile points found in Alberta. The bandanas come in your choice of red or white.

Map of Saskatchewan Archaeology—$2.50


Purchase a copy of this beautiful map to post on your wall, keep in your office, tuck away in your glovebox, or stare longingly at the map imagining visiting each of the sites. It comes with a brief description of some of the important sites and the back of the map has even more interesting information about the archaeology of Saskatchewan for your perusal. The map folds out to an impressive 61x90cm (24×35.5″).


Record in Stone—$10