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Cluny Volunteer Excavations– May 22nd to June 22nd
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Field Trip – June 2nd
Forks Volunteer Field Work– June 3rd to June 8th
Cluny Field Trip– June 16th
Parks Day/Creek Fest (Fish Creek Park) – June 21st
Calgary Public Library Heritage Day – July 28th
Walking Tours– July/August TBD
Excavations – August TBD

Other Centers this Summer
(We are not responsible with organization for these events)

Writing-On-Stone Tour– May 19th [Lethbridge Centre]
Stone Circle Mapping– May 26th [Lethbridge Centre]
Brazeau Reservoir Public Survey– May 26th [Edmonton Centre]

For Lethbridge Centre events, contact arky.lethbridge@gmail.com

For Edmonton Centre, contact arkyedmonton@gmail.com brazeauarchaeologicalsurvey@gmail.com

New Perspectives on the Western Stemmed Tradition: An Update from the Cooper’s Ferry Site, Idaho
March 18, 2015. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Loren Davis Abstract not currently available.
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Studying a Social Field in the South-Central Andes with portable X-Ray Florescence
April 15, 2015. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Emily Stovel, Department of Anthropology, Ripon College, Wisconsin Southern Bolivia, northern Chile and
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Posts and Hearths, Squiggles and Beeps: Non-Invasive Methods at the Cluny Fortified Village
February 18, 2015. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Lance Evans Dug in along the edge of a terrace above
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Talva Jacobson. Photo © 2015 Kai Sunderland
Creating Resiliency through Awareness and Preparation – a Long Term Conservation Strategy for Protected Community Historic Resources in Medicine Hat,
January 21, 2015. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Talva Jacobson, Medalta Potteries Resident Industrial Archaeologist, PhD Student, Michigan Technological University Flood
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Geoff McCafferty. Photo © 2014 Kai Sunderland.
Archaeological resource management and the Nicaraguan trans-oceanic canal
November 19, 2014. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Geoffrey McCafferty, University of Calgary Archaeological work has begun in advance
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Todd Kristensen. Photo © 2014 Kai Sunderland
Mountain Living: Frozen Artifacts and Alpine Archaeology in the Mackenzie Mountains of NWT
September 17, 2014. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Todd Kristensen Recently discovered ice patch artifacts from Yukon and NWT
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