Check Out Our Summer 2018 Schedule

Cluny Volunteer Excavations– May 22nd to June 22nd
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Field Trip – June 2nd
Forks Volunteer Field Work– June 3rd to June 8th
Cluny Field Trip– June 16th
Parks Day/Creek Fest (Fish Creek Park) – June 21st
Canada Day at Prince’s Island Park– July 1st
Calgary Public Library Heritage Day – July 28th
Walking Tours– July/August TBD
Excavations – August TBD

Other Centers this Summer
(We are not responsible with organization for these events)

Writing-On-Stone Tour– May 19th [Lethbridge Centre]
Stone Circle Mapping– May 26th [Lethbridge Centre]
Brazeau Reservoir Public Survey– May 26th [Edmonton Centre]

For Lethbridge Centre events, contact arky.lethbridge@gmail.com

For Edmonton Centre, contact arkyedmonton@gmail.com brazeauarchaeologicalsurvey@gmail.com

Recent Discoveries in the Sierra de Atapuerca (Spain)
October 21, 2015. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Dr. Rolf Quam, Binghamton University The Pleistocene cave sites in
Read more.
The Ninth Clan—Exploring Apachean Origins in the Promontory Caves, Utah
September 16, 2015. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Dr. Jack Ives, University of Alberta Twentieth century anthropologist Julian Steward
Read more.
New Perspectives on the Western Stemmed Tradition: An Update from the Cooper’s Ferry Site, Idaho
March 18, 2015. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Loren Davis Abstract not currently available.
Read more.
Studying a Social Field in the South-Central Andes with portable X-Ray Florescence
April 15, 2015. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Emily Stovel, Department of Anthropology, Ripon College, Wisconsin Southern Bolivia, northern Chile and
Read more.
Posts and Hearths, Squiggles and Beeps: Non-Invasive Methods at the Cluny Fortified Village
February 18, 2015. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Lance Evans Dug in along the edge of a terrace above
Read more.
Talva Jacobson. Photo © 2015 Kai Sunderland
Creating Resiliency through Awareness and Preparation – a Long Term Conservation Strategy for Protected Community Historic Resources in Medicine Hat,
January 21, 2015. University of Calgary Room ES 162. 7:30pm Talva Jacobson, Medalta Potteries Resident Industrial Archaeologist, PhD Student, Michigan Technological University Flood
Read more.

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