50th Chacmool Conference

The Chacmool conference started as a modest dream by a select few enthusiastic undergraduate students in the late 1960’s and since then the conference has prevailed and grown.  The Chacmool conference has over the years been organized and executed by driven and passionate undergraduate students, with the aid of supportive faculty and graduate students.  The success of the Chacmool conference is therefore the success of all who have partaken, from participants, to presenters, and organizers, and especially to the alumni of the University of Calgary who helped to ensure this conference continued.  The knowledge shared at these conferences, as well as the countless memories made, have provided Chacmool with a prominent legacy, and we hope to continue this legacy as we carry forward.


Please join us in celebrating the 50th Chacmool Conference at the University of Calgary November 8-12.
Visit the Chacmool Conference website by clicking Here