The Calgary centre offers a number of awards. Nominations or applications are soon coming due for the following awards:

October 1, 2021: Cody Travel Award ($200)

TBD: Forbis Award


Awards Offered Through the Calgary Centre

Richard G. Forbis Award in Archaeology

Past recipients:
2016 Shari Peyerl
2014 Dr. Dale Walde
2013 ATCO Electric
2012 Dr. Gerry Oetelaar
2011 Jason Roe

Humphreys Student Award in Archaeology – Mount Royal University

Past recipients:
2016 Carissa Nakesch
2015 Calista Burnett
2014 Grace Kohut
2013 Simon Ulmer-Krol
2012 Chelsea Kemp

Wes Johnston Student Award in Archaeology – University of Calgary

Past recipients:
2016 Julien Favreau
2015 Adam Cohen
2014 Natasha Hoehn
2013 Natasha Hoehn
2012 Sophia Fajnerova

Cody Travel Award

Past recipients:
2017 Shalcey Dowkes
2016 Janet Blakey
2015 Scott Graham
2014 Lorraine Stratkotter
2013 Kiersten Rieberger
2012 Kristen Turi



If you have questions about any of our other awards, please feel free to contact us.