Glenbow Week 4

It’s been another week full of surprises at Glenbow. Monica Webster found the quest for the Glenbow bunkhouse irresistible and came back for more fun in the sun on Monday. Tuesday, we had lots going on when three volunteers from previous years returned to us again: Shirley Leew, Gilles Fournier, and Donna Fallon. Gilles made the find of the day when a fragment of a porcelain doll’s face winked up at him. Could this be from the same doll we glimpsed in our 2015 excavations next door? An unusual visitor trotted in twice on Wednesday; a young deer peeked into our northern trench while Tracy Teh and Shari Peyerl were busy excavating in the southern one! We rounded out the week with volunteers Gilles Fournier and Tom Strachan. Gilles focused on exposing more of the bricks appearing in our southern trench – evidence of how the bunkhouse was heated (not that we needed any more heat this week)! Tom was excited to begin his first excavation and uncovered many artifacts in his unit. He also helped out with screening, where he was happy to find a tiny shell button. We had many cycling groups stop by this week to check out what we were doing. You, too, can visit us at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park or contact to sign up to join our excavation program.

– Shari Peyerl

The fragment of a doll’s face (06/06/17)
Gilles Fournier, Shirley Leew and Donna Fallon at the end of a successful day at Glenbow (06/06/17)
Our unusual visitor passes by (07/06/17)
Tom Strachan holds up the shell button he found (08/06/17)