January Lecture Series

JANUARY 15th (Calgary Public Library – Central Location, Patricia A. Whelan Room) @ 7:30 pm:
Genevieve LeMoine, The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum-Bowdoin College
On the Edge of the North Water: Cultural Contact at the Gateway to Greenland

Foulke Fjord, in northwestern Greenland lies at the northern end of the North Water polynya, an area of open water that forms annually in the sea ice at the northern end of Baffin Bay that supports a rich and diverse community of marine life, from whales to sea birds. This ecological hotspot has attracted human inhabitants for the last 4500 years. In this presentation I will present the results of three seasons of research at one site in this region, Iita (Etah), on the north shore of the fjord. Historically Iita was an important nexus of cultural contact between Inughuit and Euro-American explorers, as well as Inuit migrants from Baffin Island led by the shaman Qitdlarsuaq. A remarkable sequence of discreet stratigraphic levels also reveal earlier occupations, including both late Dorset paleo-Inuit and pioneering Thule. In addition to shedding light on key episodes of cultural contact in this region, Iita is also a bellwether of sorts for archaeological sites in the Arctic as even in this northerly location diminished sea ice has accelerated erosion.

Cluny Volunteer Excavations

The University of Calgary is offering a volunteer excavation program at Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park this summer. Participants will excavate alongside members of the Archaeology Field School at the famous Cluny Fortified Village site. First time participants will receive a tour of the archaeological site. Volunteers will be supervised by experienced University of Calgary graduate students. Training in archaeological excavation techniques will be provided on site. All artifacts from the site are the property of the Siksika Nation and, ultimately, will be stored at Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park Interpretive Centre.

The program will operate from May 22 to June 22, 2018, Tuesday–Saturday. Cost consists of the daily admission fee to Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park ($12.00 + GST for adults, $8.00 for children). Participants will meet with volunteer program supervisors at the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park Interpretive Centre parking lot at 9:00 AM each day—please note that there are no overnight accommodation facilities at the park.

Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times; the minimum age requirement is 12. All participants will be required to complete a Volunteer Liability Waiver Form and a Photography Waiver Form. Participants under the age of 18 must also complete an Informed Consent Form.

Check out our Facebook Page (University of Calgary Public Archaeology Program – https://www.facebook.com/UCpubarky) and our website (https://antharky.ucalgary.ca/public-archaeology/) for updates.

Please email pubarky@ucalgary.ca or call 403-220-8537 to register or for further information.