Cody Travel Award

The Cody Travel Award was created by the ASA Calgary Centre in 2008 in honour of Jeanne Cody,a founding member and long time contributor to the ASA Calgary Centre. The award is valued at $200 and can be used towards any type of travel for archaeological purposes (ie. field school, conference travel, field studies, etc…). It is awarded annually in April by application. Applicants’ membership of the Archaeological Society of Alberta – Calgary Centre must be in good standing in order to be considered for the award. An applicant may apply for the award as long as they have not been the recipient of it (or a portion) in the last three (3) years.

Within the ASA Calgary Centre Mrs. Jeanne Cody has been a member for over 45 years. In 1962 Jeanne was appointed the Treasurer, in 1963 she was appointed Secretary, elected President in 1966, and then appointed Director in 1969. For the Provincial Society Mrs. Cody became an Executive member in 1964, followed by an Executive Director Member in 1966. It was then that she took on the position for the Executive Secretary/Treasurer and continued in this capacity for almost thirty years, but her real passion was in the many field projects she initiated or participated in, including documentation of the stone circles at Little Fish Lake, mapping the Thumb Hill Mosaics and Stone Circles, and excavations at Old Women’s Buffalo Jump and the Fort at rocky Mountain House to name but a few. She rejoined the ASA Calgary Centre executive in 2003 as an Honorary Lifetime Director.

Past recipients:
2016 Janet Blakey
2015 Scott Graham
2014 Lorraine Stratkotter
2013 Kiersten Rieberger
2012 Kristen Turi