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Provincial Society

The ASA Calgary Centre is a regional centre of the Archaeological Society of Alberta. For more information about the provincial society, you can click here to visit the homepage of the provincial society.

You can also click here to view the Archaeological Society of Alberta’s Provincial Newsletter. 

The Mandate of the Provincial Society:

The purposes of the Archaeological Society of Alberta (ASA) are:

  • To promote the regulations of the Alberta Historical Resources Act and to act as a liaison between the public and the Archaeological Survey;
  • To encourage reporting of archaeological sites;
  • To disseminate financial assistance for authorized excavations, surveys and mapping projects and
  • To provide assistance for publishing reports and studies.

The Provincial Society has both non-profit and charitable status and comprises over 300 members, covering the province of Alberta. There are six Centres, which have their own elected officials. The Board consists of eight members: president, past president, secretary-treasurer, one representative of each Centre and the editor of the Archaeological Review, which is published twice a year. The Society holds an annual general meeting and conference each spring.

The Provincial Society was incorporated in 1975 when three Centres joined together to form the provincial body. Subsequently, four other Centres joined but two have since ceased to operate. The regional Centres (Strathcona, Red Deer, Bodo, Calgary, Lethbridge, and the Southeastern) operate independently, holding regular monthly meetings throughout the year and field trips during the summer months. These trips consist of visiting archaeological sites, mapping and surveying sites. The Centres also volunteer to participate in excavations carried out by the University of Calgary and private consulting companies. The Lethbridge Centre has also published several books relating to sites in southwestern Alberta. Each Centre is quite active in their respective area.