President: Brent Murphy

Vice President: Lusine Petrosyan

Lulu has recently begun her career after completing her BA in Archaeology at the University of Calgary. Her areas of interest are antiquity and the Medieval Ages in the Middle East. She has experience excavating in Armenia and Canada and hopes to pursue a MA in Near Eastern Archaeology. In her free time, Lulu loves to hike, rock climb, read, and paint. She previously served two terms as the Student Director of the Calgary Centre.

Past President: Janet Blakey

Janet has been involved with the Calgary Centre Executive for over nine years (she initially got brought in to take care of the monthly newsletter). She has worked as a professional archaeologist based out of Calgary for the last 18 years. Janet’s love and passion for archaeology grew out of a childhood interest in rocks, exploring, and history.  In her spare time, Janet enjoys traveling, reading, and a good spin class at the gym.

Secretary: Christina Poletto

Christina is a professional archaeologist and has worked in the field for eight years. She recently completed an MA at the University of Alberta studying paleoenvironmental history and human-landscape interaction in the boreal forest. Christina has a soft spot for dogs and puppies, and enjoys hiking in the summer (when field schedules permit!) and board games!

Treasurer: Maria Popova

Maria recently completed a BA at the University of Alberta in Anthropology with a focus on Archaeology and minoring in History and Classics, being sucked into Archaeology after an options course turned degree. She has conducted fieldwork in Italy, Greece, and Canada. In her downtime, she loves to hike and float down the river between field shifts.

Mount Royal University Liaison: Rebecca Gilmour


Frankie-Lou Nelligan

Frankie-Lou Nelligan has always had a passion for exploring humanity’s past.  After studying history and archaeology at Simon Fraser University, she spent decades developing and executing public programming at various museums, parks, and schools. She currently lives and works on a small hobby farm where she enjoys getting her hands dirty and raising her family.

Colleen Hughes

Colleen received her Master of Arts in Archaeology from the University of Calgary in 2018. Over the last ten year, her archaeology work has taken her to the Mackenzie Delta in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Saskatchewan, and many places around Alberta. Colleen enjoys spending time with her cat Matrix (as in soil matrix), cooking, hiking, and reading historical fiction.

Robert Bird

Robert was born and raised in Calgary. His introduction to archaeology was on a Mediterranean Cruise in 2006 when he was able to see excavations being done of a bathhouse at Pompeii. He graduated from the University of Calgary in 2018 with a B.Sc. Honours in Archaeology. During his time at U of C, he attended the Cluny field school three times, twice as a student and once as a Teaching Assistant. He has been working for Ecofor Consulting Ltd since 2018 and has taken part in excavation in the Peace Region and Interior of British Columbia; as well as the Yukon Territories

Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson has over 40 years of archaeological research experience, spending recent decades researching and teaching about urban societies of Central Mexico and above all life in the ancient city of Teotihuacan. His earliest fieldwork was as a high school volunteer on Archaeological Society projects in the Calgary area. After decades away, Ian is happy to be back in southern Alberta, once again learning about the fascinating peoples who lived here in the past.

Brian Vivian

Over the last fourty years, Brian has explored much of southern Alberta from the high peaks of the Rockies to the grasslands of the lower Red Deer for archaeological sites.  A favourite activity is walking with Rosie and discovery new archaeological sites with his dog.  When not gardening in the backyard, nothing provides for more pleasure than watching the fall colours bloom, rinks freeze up and the leaves bud in the spring.

Susan De Caen

Sue got her degree in archaeology from the University of Calgary and has been involved with the Calgary Centre for almost 20 years. She’s been lucky enough to assist on research projects from the Northern Plains, to the National Parks in the Rockies, to the High Arctic. Sue’s passionate about sharing the past with whoever will listen and strives to keep it alive by dogsledding with her best friends (her husband and 13 Siberian Huskies) in Alberta’s foothills.

Student Directors

Angel Carriere

Angel was born and raised in Calgary. She is a student at MRU in Anthropology, hoping to continue her education in Archeology, and has experience working in Archaeology museums, especially in Italy. She loves traveling and meeting new people from different cultures so much that she is president of the International Student Club, and works and volunteers with International Education at MRU. She does many things around the city and school to help the community and people as much as she can. 

Mercedes Rego

Mercedes is a full-time student at MRU in the anthropology program, with a focus on biological/forensic anthropology. She will be completing an honours degree as well as a minor. She is also the Executive of External Affairs with the Anthropology Affiliation at Mount Royal University (AAMRU). She enjoys climbing, hiking, and a good book with a cup of tea. 

Honourary Lifetime Director: Sheila Johnston
Sheila is a native Albertan with a love of history of all kinds, who “married into” an archaeology family. She and her husband, Wes, met at the University of Alberta, married, lived in Edmonton until Wes was transferred to Calgary. After being home with their four children Sheila volunteered as a Glenbow docent and then became a Glenbow staff member for eight years. Archaeology and History became a special interest, so she returned to university at the U of C for her MA in Western Canadian History.
Sheila has held many volunteer positions including, president of the ASA and Historical Society of Alberta, Chair of the City of Calgary Heritage Authority, and currently as a lifetime Honorary Director for the ASA Calgary Centre, where she is honored to be able to present the Wes Johnston Student Award annually on their behalf.