Humphreys Student Award in Archaeology – Mount Royal University

This Scholarship was first created by the ASA Calgary Centre in 2003 and in 2007-2008 the award was renamed to honour the lifetime contributions of Jim and Doris Humphreys, two of the founding members of the Calgary Centre. The Humphreys scholarship is awarded to a top student in Anthropology from Mount Royal University.

James Humphreys was the original author of the Record in Stone booklet first published in 1967. Jim participated in the Archaeological Society of Alberta Calgary Centre for more than 40 years, during which he held the position of Treasurer from 1966-67, President from 1968-1970, Director from 1972-1975 and in 1984 he was appointed Honourary Director and subsequently a Lifetime Honourary Director. In 1996 Jim was presented the Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to Alberta Archaeology, the highest recognition to be gained within the Archaeological Society of Alberta. Jim also assisted in preparing the written groundwork for The Alberta Heritage Act of 1973 and had been on the Ward Committee of the Energy Resources Conservation Board since 1983.
Doris Humprheys’ interests included archaeology, genealogy and most of all malacology (branch of zoology that involves the study of mollusks). Doris began gathering mollusks from all corners of the world at an early age and built up an amazing collection that became a real passion for her. Her vast collection and the many books were donated to the Department of Archaeology at the University of Calgary to be utilized as a teaching tool.

Past recipients:
2016 Carissa Nakesch
2015 Calista Burnett
2014 Grace Kohut
2013 Simon Ulmer-Krol
2012 Chelsea Kemp