November Lecture Series (Virtual)

November 18th, 2020 6:30pm-8:00pm

Prospects for the southern Ice-Free Corridor: What lies in store at Wally’s Beach

Gabriel M. Yanicki (Canadian Museum of History) & William T. D. Wadsworth (University of Alberta)


A little over a decade ago, work by a team of researchers from the University of Calgary moved the goalposts for the Holy Grail of Alberta archaeology. The discovery of butchered Pleistocene horse and camel bones at Wally’s Beach (DhPg-8) dating to at least 13,300 cal. BP shifted our attention from the search for Clovis in the ice-free corridor to the possibility of pre-Clovis cultural occupations here during the earliest peopling of the New World. A new program of research initiated by the Canadian Museum of History aims to address key gaps in our knowledge of this internationally significant site. How much of the site still remains intact? And what prospect exists for significant new discoveries to be made?

Follow the link to register for the event put on virtually through the Calgary Public Library