Our merchandise is available for purchase during our speaker series evenings, during the workshops, and at the ASA table at various events. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing merchandise for delivery or track us down at one of our various events. Also, check out our publications available for purchase.

Points of View: A Guild on Saskatchewan Projectile Points with Indigenous Perspectives and Map of Saskatchewan Archaeology Published by the Saskatchewan Archaeology Society—$35.00 bundle

The go-to manual for learning how to identify projectile points found in Saskatchewan and across the Northern Plains.

Unique to this publication are Indigenous perspectives on the artistry of projectile points, and the extensive knowledge systems surrounding them.

Current provincial legislation and regulations that govern archaeological heritage and the importance of respectful stewardship are included.

Edworthy Park Heritage Society has puc

Chocolate Projectile Points—$2.00 each


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Who knew lithics could be so tasty? Some of our customers have even commented that they are de-lithic. They come in two point styles—Alberta and Clovis—and are made of either milk or dark chocolate according to your preference. The pocketknife, pen, and pocket loupe in the image provided above are to provide scale for these hefty and delicious archaeological reproductions.

Projectile Point Bandanas—$12


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Get the dirt out of your face with these colourful bandans. Carry them into the field or the lab and you will have a handy reference guide for common projectile points found in Alberta. The bandannas come in your choice of white, blue, green, red, and orange.

 ASA Ball Caps – $25


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These sporty ASA ball caps come in two colours: Blue, and Red. Nike brand with adjustable fitting. Perfect for sweaty days in the field or showing off your involvement in the Archaeological Society of Alberta. Show off your hat on Instagram by using the hashtags #arkycalgary

ASA Bison Skull T-Shirt


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This dark green t-shirt features a bison skull on the front chest with the ASA logo. Comes in mens sizes only S, M, L, XL. Please contact us to discover size availability 

ASA Vision T-Shirt


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This t-shirt features a vision of a bear contrasted over the Rockies on the front chest. The story of how this shirt was designed by a First Nations artist comes along with purchase of t-shirt. Comes in mens sizes only S, M, L, XL. Please contact us to discover size availability 

Colouring Calgary’s Past Activity Book – Free!

This activity book is free! We provide them at our events and booths around the city for kids to take as they please. Colour the past how you like or see if you can solve mazes and puzzles found inside! Perfect for kids learning our city’s history. This book is also available in bulk for teachers and organizations to hand out to large groups of kids! And it is also Free! Just email us at if you would like more information on orders.

Rite-In-the-Rain Books – $15


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 Record In Stone – $10